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Hey, I'm Ana
(abbreviated)Bands: Bvb, Botdf, Asking, Sws, Ptv, soasin, Bmth, Miw and soo many more.
Taken by: Jeff Turk <3 he's amazing!
Random shit about me: I like the colour purple, if i was a boy my mum would have named me anthony after her best guy friend who died before i was born. On that note, if my dad would have let her, my name would be Antonia. worst mexican name ever!
I like to be weird. i guess you could call me emo, or scene. Idc.
I like reading and writing fanfiction and making my own music
My band: Fueling Their Fires
Don't say i'm better off dead, cuz heaven's full and hell wont have me;

you say i wear to much black, all i hear is I look fucking hot as hell today


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