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Haha! Hello there everyone!
Movellas huh? What a wonderful and fictional name!
Well I'm here to read some beautiful fanfictions and stories
And maybe write one myself!
I love singing,reading and writing!
And I'm one CRAZY directioner!
I love One Direction soo much ..same as 5SOS too,Selena Gomez,Lucy Hale and Ed Sheeran!
My favourite quote is:
You only live once,so make the most out of it!

  • Habie Hazz

    mumbled "Feeling disappointed"

    2 years agoReply
    Ever had this feeling ..where you give all your best to do something,you're really sure people are gonna like it,because you think your best is enough..
    But it just turns out that your best wasn't enough ..everything goes the opposite way ... :( ..that's how I feel rn
    Habie Hazz
    2 years ago
    Thanks :) ..for the advice ..its not crap advice haha XD
    2 years ago
    hey, I get ya
    Habie Hazz
    2 years ago

  • Habie Hazz

    mumbled "Cover makers"

    2 years agoReply
    I finally decided to write a book here,it's full of mystery,suspense and its a fantasy book.
    The main character I selected is Emma Watson,
    I have everything sorted out,but I don't know how to make a good book cover,the book will be called "VENGEANCE"
    Can anybody help me out pretty please?
    it'll mean a lot to me....:( :(
    2 years ago
    I could....but I'm writing and there's better cover makers like @[Bia ]
    Habie Hazz
    2 years ago
    awww thanks @narcy
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