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Hey guys! This is my new account! Many of you may know me as, mrsHemmings01. I forgot my password to that account, and had to make a new one. So, I'm going to continue with all the books, that aren't finished!

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    Okay, so, I was thinking, maybe I should rewrite all of my books on this account, so it's easy to get to. I mean, it will take a white to write, but I could put my old books on here, so I could get more people to read them. What do you all think?
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    What happened, why doesn't she want to go home?
    To Scared to love again // Luke Hemmings
    To Scared to love...
    I find myself at Luke's door, I don't know why I'm here, I just am. I guess I need someone to talk to, someone that I know I can trust, someone that I know I need right now, and I guess that someone is...
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    oh! Right! I feel stupid now.
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    On my old account, I forgot my password to my old account, mrsHemmings01. So, this is my new account. I need you all to possibly help me get back to my goal of followers. Please. I really need you to help me out.
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    mumbled "On my old account, I forgot my password. So, this is my new one. Follow me, and help me get back to the followers I had before! My old account was, mrsHemmings01"

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