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Gwendalyn (Guinevyve) November

ZZ Ward, Alex Clare, Adele and Marianas Trench are cooler than all of you...

I totally live in Narnia with my friends

I'm a very proud Whovian and an obsessive Gleek.

Me and my 3 brothers hate eachother unless we are watching PLL and Degrassi...

I am older than people might think but I don't really care most of the time.

Supernatural is one of the best shows in the world! TEAM DEAN

I am not really a big fan of Twilight but Team Jasper all the way!

I love to sing...Never get stuck on the Go Train early in the morning with me or my voice will never leave your head.

I am not exactly sorry, but all love sick, stupid, 1D obsessers that fight over who is going to marry which member of the band; are complete idiots. I seriously don't mean to offend but If you believe you are going to marry one of them: dream on. The don't know you, and they don't care either. PS: There not even good looking. People are abusing the fact that they are famous so they are automatically hot. if they were growing up with you in your school you would not feel the same way!!!

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    Totally read this book in the summer before it was out. It was a beautifully written book and I cant explain how happy I felt when a family member gave me this book! It was the unedited version but still, beautifully written
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