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    Advantage of Dyman Associates Advisory Firm Tokyo and Paris Office


    Our main strong point is our capability to maximize the value our clients get. We strive to completely comprehend your goals and then devise a tactic to get them by offering:

    Professional Representation

    Dyman Associates can carry out and handle the deal process more cautiously and assertively than most clients themselves. That can result in selecting a better-qualified buyer.

    Objective Viewpoint

    Working with Dyman Associates, you obtain the crucial view of an outside party to match your firm’s own management, accountant and attorney, not just in the appraisal but also in establishing your acquisition and sale objectives.


    Sometimes, privacy is a key player in the success of a deal. We concentrate on privacy during the whole sales procedure. It begins with our business card (no company slogans or titles) and proceeds with negotiations between you and the firms we get in touch with. We do our best to make sure your vendors, customers and employees are aware of any sales negotiations going on.

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