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Hi everyone! I just created this account on movellas and I'm so excited to start writing on it!!!!! I love Harry Potter and basically know everything about it. I also love The Hunger Games, Divergent and TFIOS but I have a soft side for a bit of romance fanfic. Outside of my fangirl life I spend most of time at two amazing dance studios where we get to have wonderful experiences. OH and just so you know I'm best friends with Slytherin Pride! Go check her out!!!!! I hope you like my stories! Bye!

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    Hi summer its daisy!!!! I got an account YAY!!!!!! I love how I'm featured in this story. But please, give up the fact that I'm his long lost sister! LOL!!! Love u and see u when u get back
    I Never Knew
    I Never Knew
    Summer has never been a fan of One Direction. Her best friend Daisy always has but Summer never really thought much about it... that was until that one day.
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