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    The judges should really read the stories with low likes, and not just the high liked ones. Because most of the time, they spam to win, and do alot of self promoting. They should really take the time to read them, and not just choose high liked stories, because the author is popular, or self promotes. It's not too fair, this isn't really about me. I don't play RS to much anymore, but for the people who don't self promote, or aren't very popular on the site to have a chance.
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    This is really good! Would you mind checking out my Runescape contest entry?
    Runescape Comp: Nowhere To Run
    Runescape Comp:...
    Inside the computer, no-one can hear you scream... Tim is abused. He hates to admit it so don't rub it in, but every night, while his Dad is out getting drunk and his Mum's out cheating on his Dad,...
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