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I love anime and reading. I like to write stories dealing with anime, just not fanfics. I recenlty moved to Japan and am a black belt in Taekwondo.

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    I see your point with this. I don't mind them or their music but I hate self-insert and Mary-Sue fics. They always end up being bad, take My Immortal for example. Someone let a fangirl on the internet and troll fics were born afterwards.
    What Is It With Fanfics?
    What Is It With...
    What is it with fancics on this website? Why does everyone love them? I understand if you like some celebrities or something, but to write stories about them? I think it's crazy! I'm not too fond of them...
    Yeah, you know what? If it wasn't for the fanfics, I honestly don't think I'd hate 1D and Justin Beiber as much.
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    5 years ago
    Its not that I hate them per say its just about every fanfiction out their is pretty much written by a rabid fangirl. Occasionally you can find one that's decent.
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    I'm slightly confused with the constant POV change and development of the story. I may not be a One Direction fan (I don't mind them or their music actually) but this seems like a self-insert fic with a slight case of Mary-Sue. I think you could make this into a good story but you need to have a bit more character and plot development. Sorry if this seems mean or anything
    Hater Love
    Hater Love
    Kate hates her brother Harry Styles. Her best friend Jordan is Louis Tomlinson's sister. What will happen when Kate and Jordan meat the rest of the band. Will there be love or extra hate.
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    You have a good thing going but you might want to have a flashback and maybe some character development such as Sara being made at her father for awhile before becoming an assasin. You do have a good idea and I would like to see this go somewhere all you need is detail however
    Dreadful Sins
    Dreadful Sins
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    I feel your pain, however my dad is a badass at cut the rope. I swear he has a new game to play every week. I feel like a failure next to him
    The Missions of a Teenager
    The Missions of...
    Sometimes I feel like my life is a mission, the obstacles? School. Parents. Technology. And my friend Milli. Can I just say some of this stuff is exaggerated but it is all based on things that real happened....
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