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Not much to say about me. Simple guy, simple life. Amazing girlfriend, amazing friends, *yada yada,* all the usual description stuff. Tried to make it through writing before, beyond poetry, it never worked out. So here I am, going for a second chance at it. Give it my all, and all that. Oh, and before I get. Shout-out to Jessica_Dawne. Check out her Movellas, she'd kill me if I didn't drag her all up in my business.

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    Eh, first blog entry I guess. HURRAY! Anyhow.... this account is just a co-writers account for a friend of mine. Helping her out with a story or two. I will be posting my own works elsewhere, or not post them at all, which ever one works. Anyways, on a little "creation" of mine. Just finished my prologue a few days ago, trying to get the first chapter written down. I know what I want to say, but CAN NOT put it down on paper for anything... (Literally and Metaphorically, Take is how you will) Anyhow, thats pretty much it for now. Later, all.
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