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Writer, musician, watches lots of old black and white movies.

  • Lillian Silverman
    Really good. Intriguing stuff. Alex is an interesting character.
    Handle With Care
    Handle With Care
    [Cyden universe] Will didn't know what to expect from his family's new foster child, but it certainly wasn't a standoffish, recluse of a girl. Even though she wants nothing of the sort, Will still hopes...
  • Lillian Silverman
    Dear Prodigy, your writing is divine. Only discovered it by pure chance a couple of days ago, but I'm loving it :)
    Interrogate Prodigy II: Prodigy is Stupid Enough to be Re-Captured
    Interrogate Prodig...
    Due to demands made by Calista and Tomato and encouraged by Sparrow, I have resurrected this. I'm probably going to regret it. But have at it, ask me stuff and I will endeavor to answer to the best of...
    2 years ago
    Aw, thank you!! This one isn't very serious though XD
  • Lillian Silverman
    The quirky lack of consistent punctuation actually makes this read quite interesting and different. I look forward to more :)
    Ill be your wild child
    Ill be your wild...
    Skylar, Boston and indie move to a new school in London with skylars family and the three girls come across 3 hot guys that go by the names, Harry styles, niall horan and Luke brooks. Harry has skylar...
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