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Hiiya <3
I'm Grace (: You can call me Gracie or Grace I don't mind (:
I like to write stories but i'm not good at it though haha xx
But if you could please check out my stories that would help a lot!
I love to play sport <3 It's my life ahaha xo
See ya later!

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    True Love Forever - Janoskians Love Story
    True Love Forever...
    Hello. This story is about a girl from Perth. She moves to Melbourne, and lives with her two best friends. She and her best friends meets the love of their dreams. The question is... will it last? Forever?
    5 years ago
    I'm extremely sorry for not updating :( But I updated just now!
  • Gracieluvs1D
    Update please
    The Lost Girl (1D)
    The Lost Girl (1D)
    It all started when I was 6... When me and my best friend went walking home after school. But when I got home... Something unexpected happened that changed my whole life...
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    mumbled "Summer time!!!"

    Hey GUESS WHAT?..... It's summer time for me over here!!!! YAY Now I can go to the beach yessss :)
    Anyway Hope you guys are having fun.... Doing whatever your doing :) haha
    See ya
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