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Hi guys! I don't know if I'm wanting to write any Movella's yet, but all I know is that I LOVE ONE DIRECTION. And if I ever write a Movella in the future it's going to be about One Direction for sure! ~Gracie<3

  • _Gracie_Horan_
    Noo, you can't stop here! Please updateee!
    Promises We Made ~Louis Tomlinson Love Story~
    Promises We Made...
    All those times I spent with you, all those times I kissed you, loved you, the promises we made were all for nothing You promised me Forever, but I guess 'forever' has an expiration date too.
    karla santos
    5 years ago
    The next chapter, will be up tomorrow-hopefully! I was writing it today, but didn't get to finish it.
  • _Gracie_Horan_
    Just spent three days staying up late reading 'Broken Hearts & Last Goodbyes' and the sequal. You need to updateeeeeeeeeeee!
    The Tour (Broken Hearts & Last Goodbyes Sequel)
    The Tour (Broken...
    The tour's finally started and things couldn't be better! Until Megan starts up old habits that she really doesn't want Harry knowing. Relationships get torn apart, even more fights break out, and people...
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