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Wattpad; ZerrieWhoran_
Kik; Midnight3738
Twitter; @Ges429
Tumblr; ******** Still deciding to make one.
Instagram; Grace3738
Contact me¡!^^^

I mainly write on Wattpad but, a little on here! Kik me or Pm me on Wattpad for, co-author, questions, anything

Or message me in my mumbles, but I don't promise I will always be looking there cx Mainly on the websites Above^

If You love me? AWWHH
Hate me? Ohh! Look! No really look!!!! ^^^^ Oops.. there goes the Fuck I give. Call me a bitch if you will but, I'm a directioner. Gotta a problem? Hah. Didn't think so cx

Some interesting (pft not.) Facts about me;

1. I'm a singer in the ' All County Chorus' in the state of Florida
2. One Directioner <3 (;
3. I got a 22 on a paser test and ran 2 miles in track in less then 5mins!
4. I came in like a wrecking ball.
5. Single? Sometimes I think that's easier, but nope. Not single.
6. Favorite color? WhyYouAskin? (Rainbow xD)
7. Favorite Song? Please, Midnight Memories ALBUM I can't name just 1!
8. Lazy? Fuck yes.
9. Color underwear? Privacy please, and thank you.
10. Favorite body part? Eye ballssssss O.O
11. STFU or GTFO? Can you do both of those please...
12. Favorite number? 13 or 5
13. (Mah favorite #) Scary movies? HELL YEAH.
14. Lover or fighter? Fighter.
15. Birthday? April- nah nah nah, privacy.
16. Glasses? Yeah
17. Color socks? ChuDonNeeTwoKno!
18. Spanish? Es en Puta, Stupida, chikito (idk how to spell it but I know how to say it cx)
19. Dance? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Nope.
20. Fun? Can I answer that question without hating on myself or bragging bout myself?! XD

~Hope You didn't enjoy that~

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