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Life is a poem. Pain. Fear. Love. Beauty. Death. You are the author. Each word is like a snowflake melting in your hands. Choose your story.

  • GraceeySweetie
    DDDDDDDDDAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNN. I don't know how to feel, my life is ending, the world is ruined, MY HEART, MY LIFE, MY LUNGS. Am i happy? am i sad? I DONT KNOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!
    The Psychopath
    The Psychopath
    Trust. Mistrust. Heartbreak. Revenge.
  • GraceeySweetie
    yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!!!!!!!!! And then they fall in love and EVERYONE'S HAPPY!!!!!
    Boyfriend Material
    Boyfriend Material
    Brie never had a boyfriend before. It seems like a simple problem but it isn't.
    Lady PenneHand
    3 years ago
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    Hahaha! Not so fast!
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