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Hey, my sexy people!
"Lucy is my name, having a dirty mind is my game!"

1) I'm 14, but VERY mature for my age. (You'll see.)
2) I'm mixed: Latina, Jamaican, and a little bit of Haitian.
3) I'm goofy and outgoing. Also, I can be a little bitchy, so watch out.⚠
4) I'm a total tomboy with 10% of girly in me. I'm the girl you'll either find with the jocks, playing sports⚽ or with my squad, goofing off.
5) I have a very, VERY dirty mind. DIRTY MINDS UNITE
6) If you have any questions for me, message me.

I guess that's it. (Awkward silence)
Oh yeah, don't mind raping the follow button.◼
-Adíos Amigos!

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