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    Hey guys sorry i havnt been updating but ive been trying to make up my work. i am in danger of failing my english class and having to repeat the 8th grade.(ive NEVER been held back. and im grounded for that exact thing. so i will update whenever I get a chance i love you guys for checking and check weekly i guess. Love you guys forever just for reading this and liking it so much that you ask me to update a thousand times. i feel loved just by how much you guys ask me to.
    She's Not Afraid
    She's Not Afraid
    When Niall finds a drug addict outside Wal-Mart, what complications will arise???
  • Glittercake
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    I'm just so addicted to this story.
    It was the most beautiful voice ever but what was she singing? Then it hit me she was singing our song. More importantly my solo. I just couldn't resist going nearer to the sound of the voice .... ...
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