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    OMG!!! You are the most amazing writer I've seen on this web site! Impeccable choice of words! You were able to make me visualize every detail. You truly are an amazing writer!
    All Amelia did was skip school and now a world she never knew existed are baying for her blood.
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    Thank you! That means a lot to me and I'm really happy that you like my writing. Thanks once again! :)
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    Just Saying Hey

    To all the mystery and paranormal mystery lovers, thanks for joining my group. It means so much to me that all of you are just as big ghost fans as I am. MeriliS, I love the creepy twist to the Movella that you published. I love the vampires and witches. Thanks again! glitter_ghost out!
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    I love Dear Mum. It was so sad I cried! In a good way, of course. You should sooooo write a sequel! XOXO
    Dear mum
    Dear mum
    This is a diary which a girl called Emma writes after lossing her mum and dad she's taken to a Carehome as she has nobody else. Normally her life is boring but that's all about to change .... Follow...
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