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hi :).
in a twit cam Reece called me a babe. well he called girls from perth babes and since im from perth;PPP.
I ADORE glee.
before you ask... NO i dont like 1D. i like thier music:) but thats IT.
well where to start.
My name is Hannah Lucas( Soon to be Hannah Mastin)

i go to a private school and have ONE bes friend. but a few close friends.

I live with my Papa and my mum lives in NSW. Mum is getting re married -.-... to a man with 2 kids. both older. 1 boy 1 girl.

i have two brother. both older -.-....
my brother is 15 born march 28 while my soon to be step bro is 15 born march 27...

YES one day apart. mum thinks thats its gong to be the best 21st wek end :P.

well. i have twitter and face book.... ( @ Hannah_Mastinn..) and i admin a page on face book....
(Im a proud mini mastin)

i dont mind that were not 'mini mastins' because i think i would prefer to be a lil rocker seeing we have the lil rocker family :)

yeah well bye :D XO

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