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ღ I have fallen in love with your beautiful eyes, but they don´t know me yet ღ.

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▴ Half A Heart {1D}

A simple "We love you" keeps me alive⌚.

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▴ Simple But Effective
▴ Keeping Up With The Tomlinsons

◯ Are going to get some help from @MandaPandaen, for my story "Half A Heart”.
Go and check some of her stories out✔, she’s a great writer.

Darn anyways, go check out @Nandos_with_niall she is so sweet and such an amazing writer! ♫

Louis my sunshine ☼, Niall is Baby ♡ and Harry is just perfect ♬.

Miaaaaaw✿, have a wonderful day,

Lots Of Love,
✗o✗o Gigi ∞.

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