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    mumbled "Fighting my own battles..."

    The smell of toast drifted up my nose, I was wrapped up into my covers, like a caterpillar about to turn into a butterfly. My little brother was squirming at the bottom of my duvet, like my little wake up call. My eyes drifted open.
    I knew what was coming.
    I gazed down; lying in my uniform; my body like an iceberg. The smell of smoke drifted up my nostrils: making me cough and splutter. “Wake up!” “Wake up!” My sergeant screamed at us. I tumbled out of my bed- my eyes stinging with tears thinking about my family. Idiot. I can’t let the others see my like this! This is my life now.

    I’m fighting my own battles, in the harsh reality of my trench…

    BANG! Shells were hitting the trench and lightning speed. We went to do the stand at dawn. As I made my way to the front step, my eyes skimmed to the dead carcasses of soldiers, some who were once my friends. My feet drudged through the trench- I made myself put one foot in front of the other. We were all cattle: being marched to our untimely deaths.
    I stood in my normal spot, my whole body quivering due to the freezing conditions. I shook all over- a ticking time bomb ready to go off. The charcoal coloured clouds matched my mood, I was just one tiny pawn in a chess game of millions. Fear and terror are mixed around inside of me, I scream as loud as I can in my head- but I put on a brave front.

    I’m fighting my own battles: in the harsh reality of my trench…

    We were going over the top soon- the fear and anticipation were rising up in my chest. Choking me. Eating me up inside. I went about my daily trench chores, my bones and muscles so weak, about to snap. The sergeant was calling us up. No. Why did this have to happen so soon? My gun danced around in my hands; a runner ready for their race. CLAP! Thunder. BANG! Lightning. It was as if they were warning me not to do it. Don’t go and fight. But I had to!
    “3, 2, 1, GO!” The sergeant bellowed. I clambered up the ladder- the gunfire getting louder- piercing my eardrums. I scaled the ground: not daring to look back at the barbaric rage behind me.
    Suddenly, intense pain filled my body, my mouth wide open in shock. I staggered; tumbling down on the ground like a broken puppet. My eyes were swimming: everything went black.

    I’m fighting my own battles, in the harsh reality of my trench- the harsh reality of the war.

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