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    When your late to class cause you were reading this.... xD
    мy вaвyѕιттer ✗ м.c
    мy вaвyѕιттer ✗...
    ''Yeah.. So.. Let me hear your rules then'' I said folding my arms. ''Rules?''. ''Yeah... Every babysitter has rules''. ''Well I do have a to do list'' He said. ''What's on it?''. ''You''...
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    IMPORTANT: Hello everyone, its Gemma id just like to inform you all that this story will no longer continue on this account. This story will be transferred to the account used to post this comment. All the chapters that have already been posted will be reposted onto this account then the story will continue on from there, Thank you all for your concern.
    Kind regards,
    When I saw him standing there it was defiantly my worst nightmare. This can't be. He can't be related to me. I can't believe it and what does he think about this? NOTE: This is my first fan fiction...
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