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im gem and i love one direction (zaynie is my favvvvvvvv <333333)
and i love gymnastics i like to compete and i love to win

i guess you could say i am super super super competitive and im going to write stories that are so much better than yours. I only favourite stories that i don't think i can write better then so u should be s flattered if i favd yours cos it is an honor, youll see im gonna be so famous

luff you jealous haterz <3 Xoxoxoxoxo :o)

  • gem loves gymnastics
    ASDFGHJK this is actually soooooo good <3

    i always ask this when im reading an amazing fanfiction; can you recommend any particular music to listen to when i read this? :) Luff it xoxox
    The End of the World, an Infamous Boy Band, and My Big Round Belly
    The End of the Wor...
    (12+ for language and slightly mature content) Mickey Winchester might've been born under the neon strobe lights in the crowded club, but since then, she's remained hidden in the shadows, barely passing...
    5 years ago
    uhmmmm well I listened to +, you know, the Ed Sheeran album when I wrote it.... I guess that :)

    Thank you so much, I'm really glad that you like it!!!!!! :D Xxxx
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