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    Great Story! Please Continue! I am eager for the rest! I want this story to go on FOREVER!
    Assumed Killer
    Assumed Killer
    The murder of her brother poisons one girl's mind until it is no longer her own. She has always been blamed for the death so she becomes what everyone feared her to be - an assassin.
    Fighting Back Shadows
    Thanks :)
    I do have some ideas on how to continue this story so I might give it a go and see what happens
  • GeekChic_
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    Please Continue! It's Breathtaking. We all wanna know what is going to happen next! PLEASE WE ALL BEG YOU PLEASE CONTINUE!
    Searching for Neverland
    Searching for Neve...
    She dreamed of Neverland, of escape, of any sort of relief. She was tired, and as the breeze blew her curtains up and the moonlight illuminated her room, shadows danced across the walls and she thought...
    Jack Wordsmi⊥н
    I just updated if you still wanna read :)
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