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    Name: Soletta Brie
    Age: 35
    District: 11
    How I won: At the beginning, I fled from the start. The other tribute from my district was my only ally. We discovered that the rocks on the volcano were edible nuts. We gathered as much as possible. We checked out the top were the lava was. I threw a nut it to see what would happen. The nut floated at the to and didn't melt. Together, we jumped in, ready for some trick to happen, but nothing did. We hid on a cave located on the inside. of the volcano. The cave began to shake, so we ran out. I had reached the lava, but rocks fell from the caves roof. My other tribute was crushed. The volcano erupted, but I stayed inside. From watching clips afterward, this brought the remaining tributes together, eventually occurring in a bloodbath. The last tribute edged back away from the lava and eventually hit the wall, which killed him.
    Personality: I am compassionate and don't mind sharing my money from winning. I love all people and hate the idea of death, but will kill to protect my district and it's tributes.
    Other: I will do what I can to keep my tribute's alive no matter what. I still work on the farms to help out others get money. They are my family.
    Virtual Hunger Games
    Virtual Hunger Gam...
    Ever wanted to be in a real Hunger Games? Well, you can't, but this is as close as it gets. If you want to be a tribute, read the introduction, and then the games will begin. May the odds be ever in...
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    Okay, thank you for taking part!!
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    Your welcome! Thanks for letting me
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