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Why hello there. How long have you been here? Anyways hello, I'm Hicks, just call me Hicks don't ask for my first name I don't like it. >.< Some may know it anyways. I'm a geek. What fandoms? Any ones you can think of. I am a bit part of the One Direction fandom I write fanfics for them. I might not post for a while because A.) I forget about this website or b.) I'm in serious trouble and I'll die if I go on social media. Um come talk to me I don't bite. Only on the days that end in Y. hehe welp Read my stories, ask questions, what ever else ask me. Also I'm a bit of a weirdo. >.< Love you all my beautiful unitatoes Also if you need i will list every single fandom I'm in which will take about 300 days to read for you so have fun:
Doctor Who
Death Note
Fate Zero (anime)
Five Nights at Freddy's
Harry Potter
One Direction
How I Met Your Mother
Vampire Knight (Anime)
Walking Dead
Fast and Furious
Pirates of Caribbean
Attack on Titan (anime)
Supernatural (anime series)
Adam Sandlers
Ackaliets( Jensen Ackles)
I can't think of too much more except for my bands, my books, the rest of my shows. my actors, and my favorite Wattpad and Quotev write s

Tumblr: Imthewriteryourthereaderstfu (I'll be putting my update days

Wattpad: gabby_who_

Archiveofourown: Cupcake3698

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