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My name is Gabby, I am a girl and I live in England.

I belong to the Fandoms.
I didn't pick the Fandom life, the Fandom life choose me.


I watch lots of TV.
Anyways, a friend called Chloe told me about this site, and I came here to check it out...

If you want to read some of my stuff, you just have to go to


Anyways, good day!

  • GabbyJaz
    1 years agoReply
    I really like this, Chloe! xD I feel like this is something my mum would do to me lol, push me outside and force me to socialise. #no.
    Welcome to Camp Alan-Bridge, for the emotionally vulnerable and unassertive teenagers of North-West California. Building characters since 1975 *** Mercy Reid is being forced to attend a camp after her...
    Chloe McCormick
    1 years ago
    Lets hope she doesn't find a camp Alan-Bridge in your area xD
  • GabbyJaz
    3 years agoReply
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    This is really good! You have great description, which really gives the story a feel to it and makes it easier to imagine inside my mind. One thing, with your speech I noticed a few times you've done this "and then started talking." When it should be something like, "this with the comma, see?" Haha, might just be a bit picky :)

    Try not to repeat sentence starters too much either. Unless it's repetition for effect, then it can get a bit boring.

    Anyways this is really good, keep on doing what you're doing :) if you want to improve, my advice is just to write as much as you can when you can. You only get better by trying, and working on it! :D
    Harry Potter and The Secret Monster
    Harry Potter and...
    This story starts in the year 2009, when Harry potter meets a girl who has accidentally touched a portkey and landed in Godric's Hollow. Harry decides to help her but in the meantime they both come to...
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