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That short girl

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    I walked into my neighbor and long time friend Bens house. Not to many people were here yet but still hard to get threw the crowd. I spotted someone with brown curly hair that was really tall but not quiet as tall as Ben. I was still trying to get threw the crowd when someone really bumped me making me fall to the ground. " oh Im sorry love" a thick british voice said. " I look right over you Gabs I guess Harry here did to" ben exclaimed. I stuck my tongue out at him he knows I hate when he points out how short I am. " Its fine and so this is harry never seen u around im gabbi" I said to the person I thought was Harry. " Yes I am harry and I just moved here from Britain" Harry said. " well know that you to know each other my work here is done" Ben said walking off. " So how old are you and do you live near" I asked. " 18 and yea I moved into the house two doors down next to the big yellow one" harry said. " cool and the big yellow one is my house so I guess were neighbors know" "yea I guess so" he replied. all night we talked and got to know each other better then he asked me on a date whitch I said yes to. later that night right before I was about to leave he kissed me just a little one but I felt sparks. We eventually became Boyfriend Girlfriend and lived happily ever after!! THE END!!!!!
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