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    Wait, where did tatum get those pictures? And some ideas might be: Justin gets a chance for freedom if he lets go of Haley (which you can choose Jason will keep his word or not lol), Justin can be given a choice to give up his gang so Haley can be free, Justin chooses to get drugged so Haley won't be, Jason's gang captures Haley and Justin again as they were about to escape and Justin or Haley must personally watch the other suffer as punishment, Haley is blindfolded while Justin is forced to watch her get __tortured.., that's what I could come up with so far. Hope this helps and update soon! :)
    Disappearence (this story is undergoing FULL EDITING *on hold*)
    Disappearence (thi...
    "H-hello?" My body was shaking all over. There was no reply. I knew i should have told my brother about 'him', Bieber... His dark caramel eyes haunted my dreams. I felt a rush of wind hit my frightened...
  • GabbaGabba_7
    Hey guys, can you read "biebs for keeps?" Please? I need ideas for the next chapter :)
    Bieber's girlfriend
    Bieber's girlfrien...
    Have you ever wondered? What if.. What if i was the girl? Well let me help you, and take you away from Earth for a lil bit.
  • GabbaGabba_7
    It's good! Can you read my movella "biebs for keeps?" I need ideas for the next chapter. Thank you! :)
    Betrayed 15+
    Betrayed 15+
    How could Carter do this to me!? I never thought I'd end up here. Kidnaped by the members of One Direction. Told nothing at all, by anyone. Except one, Liam. He's the only one. Maybe I can get out of here,...
  • GabbaGabba_7
    Hey guys, can you read my novella please and comment? I need ideas ^_^
    Justin Bieber Imagines
    Justin Bieber Imag...
    This isnt really a atory, it's a bunch of like mini stories. They will be Imagines. I hope you like them! I will do three imagines per chapter.
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