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    Naruto: dont worry sakura im bringing saucegay back. believe me! you can count on me, i am that kind of person that never goes back on his words.

    Sakura: please naruto kun im begging you. please bring sasuke back.

    Naruto: what did you do to sasuke, where is he?!!

    Orochimaru: he is not here.

    Naruto: did you see sasuke?!

    Itachi: why are you talkin about my brother? why are so obsessed about him?

    Naruto: because he is my best friend and i know that we are not blood related but i am more like an brother to him than you ever be to him.

    Itachi: *smiles*

    Naruto: did you find sasuke where is he?!!

    Lady tsunade: whe not find him yet, but the rumors said that he already killed itachi. and come for the leaf village to destroy it further. * wants to capture sasuke, he is a rogue ninja afterall*

    Sakura:* going to kill sasuke herself*

    Naruto: where is sasuke? you all using him.

    Toby: i dont know

    Sasuke: what do you want? usarakontachi.

    Naruto: saucegayyy!!! why did you live the leafe village. i came to bring you back.

    Sasuke: why are after me? 3 years passed and 300 epsiodes passed and you still after me. why??? why are you still after my butt?!!

    Naruto: because you are my friend.

    Sasuke: i am going to kill you!

    Naruto: no sasuke, if whe fight you know we both die, if you really want to fight me than i die with you.

    Sasuke: give me itachi's eyes im going to kill this gay. * disappears with madera and looks naruto stright in the eyes*

    Naruto: dont worry sakura. i promised that i bring sasuke back and i not going back on my word thats my ninja way. i am not going to abandon a friend.
    Sasuke: * finds out the leaf is already destroyed and goes to the battle field to join in to become the next hokage.

    Naruto: sasuke i knew you come back on your one free will. you are late tho. but we are reunited again.

    Sasuke: oo its you sakura. * ignores naruto's existence, only see sakura*

    Naruto: * is happy because saucegay and him are together again. 

                                   QUIZ:                       Question: what tittle for the naruto anime is this?

            A: pathetic gay (bro)romance
            B: pathetic one sided gay (bro)romance
            C: pathetic act like he like sakura to hide te fact that he is gay for saucegay
            B:  b and c
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