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'Don't give up! There is no shame in falling down! True shame is to not stand up again!' ~ Shintaro Midorima

*points to name above* do I need to introduce myself?
I'm 20...I feel old
I write stuff *ahem*
I'm single
I work
I need fun

'Somewhere there's someone who dreams of your smile and finds in your presence that life is worthwhile. So when you are lonely, remember it is true. Somebody somewhere is thinking of you.'

~Profile Pic made by the wonderful Aldrin!~

  • Lozzie-san
    1 months agoReply
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    Disgusting...I come here to see the progress some people are making and I stumble upon this??

    But hopefully the situation will be solved asap
  • Lozzie-san

    mumbled "Time to move on"

    2 months agoReply
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    So guys, I've been thinking an awful lot recently, and it's with a heavy heart that I am going to cut a few ties with Movellas.

    Now before we start getting ahead with ourselves, I am not gonna delete my account and I will not stop writing, but it is very unlikely I am going to be online frequently anymore or post anymore mumbles. Additionally, updates will be extremely rare.

    Movellas has done a lot for me and I have been a member for nearly 5 years! I have made so many special and wonderful friends and that is why I do not want to say goodbye permanently! But now I have got myself a decent career that is going to eat up most of my time and I have my own stuff I want and need to get on with so finding time for this site is nearly impossible. But I repeat I cannot find it in my heart to leave altogether.

    So here is the final deal. I shall be online every couple of weeks (at most) and if anyone wants to speak to me then I shall reply. Moreover, I shall update stories whenever I can (which will be very infrequent, but hey at least I am trying).

    I hope you guys can understand my situation and please don't be mad at me. I feel a little like the black sheep now that I am 20 years old in a website designed for younger people. A lot of people I have grown up with on here have also moved on and I feel now is the right time for me too.

    Don't forget, Kik is up and running again (after many technical difficulties) so if you wanna get in touch don't be afraid to message me ^_^

    Bye guys, and thank you for the wonderful times spent on here (I have kept some of our best times in my mumbles).

    Peace out!
    Carmie-chan ♥
    2 months ago
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    2 months ago
    Are you on anything else? Insta or anything??
    2 months ago
    Afraid not...only Kik... :/
  • Lozzie-san

    mumbled "Holiday Fail..."

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    So...Georgia-san wanted a role play, and I found a pretty cool pic! XD
    @[Georgia WS] @[Willow Angel] @[Brookestar] @[Serenity Faith] @[Fuyu Sunōfurēku] shall we? :)

    Ok, I made a little plot to get started. We were all packed to go on holiday, but SOMEBODY *glares at Kakashi* gets us held up at the gates -_-'
    Georgia W
    3 years ago
    Me: Well that sorted him out...

    Kakashi: Apparently, are you feeling better?

    Me: *Shakes my head.* No...it still hurts.

    Kakashi: *Rolls his eye and sets me on his lap.* How about now?

    Me: *Snuggles into his chest and sighs happily.* Yep...has the plane landed yet?

    Kakashi: Twenty minutes.

    Me: Wake me then?

    Kakashi: Ok... *Smiles.*

    Me: *Smiles back and falls asleep.*
    3 years ago
    Me: *laughs and wakes up*
    Itachi: hm? What's so funny?
    Me: can't forget Hidan's face...it was hilarious *looks over at Hidan and sees him reading an emergency manual*
    Hidan: *glares and sticks up middle finger*
    Me: *returns gesture*
    Itachi: *lowers my hand* stop that. You'll only encourage him...
    *Me and Hidan exchange grins*
    Willow Angel
    3 years ago
    Me: *falling asleep*
    Obito: how did she not wake up during all of that?
  • Lozzie-san

    mumbled "Akatsuki Shopping Trip"

    3 years agoReply
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    Remind me never to go with them. Would be pretty hellish! XD
    (roleplay maybe? @[Georgia WS] @[WindInTheWillows] @[Brookestar] )
    Georgia W
    3 years ago
    Me: I think we need to leave....

    Kakashi: Agreed *Grabs me and we leave.*
    3 years ago
    Me: oh bye...
    Pein: *starts eating cookies* you'd better not be late again *starts talking to Konan
    Me: well thank God for that...
    Itachi: hn...remind me never to take charge doing the shopping
    Me: indeed
    Willow Angel
    3 years ago
    Me: I'm gonna grab him and leave...
    Pein: Who's "him"?
    Me: *raises eyebrow* That's for me to know and you, hopefully, to never find out.
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