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Hi! I'm a Fantasy Author who loves almost anything story related. I believe stories are the ties that binds humanity, and what sets it free.

I'm a big fan of authors such as Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffrey, Patrick Rothfuss and JRR Tolkien.

I especially love working with the more sociological and cultural aspects of fantasy worlds. I mainly stay within the Rama Empire novels, featuring a world of my own making, and attempt to encompass all aspects of life.

Messages about updates, news about publications, appearances etc. can be found on my facebook page.

Current works:
Ashes of the Ylan: Updates every Sunday

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    mumbled "New part: Ashes of the Ylan"

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    This week's update of Ashes of the Ylan is now available for reading online! Firmly finishing off chapter 7, you can look forward to a whole new chapter beginning next week!
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    2 days agoReply
    I've updated my icon on all the sites related to my writing, and that includes new cover and header for facebook and tumblr - Follow me on: to stay completely up to date on all things Rama Empire!

    That includes artwork, short stories and events!
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    mumbled "Update: Palacia Varius Savat"

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    The newest part of Palacia Varius Savat is now up for reading! I look forward to hearing what you think!
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    Been working on a short story, taking place roughly 900 years before "Ashes of the Ylan" in the country of Cahl, before the Sapphire Empire became a thing- It features a look at the world back when magic was more common, and assassins ruled an underground palace beneath the capital.

    It's first draft, so once I finish the parts, I'm going to be editing a lot of it, but I wanted you to be able to follow my progress, so it's up for reading already.

    Palacia Varius Savat:
    "Ket Savat'Ilen Tekir, the saying went. The Goddess Ket Savat thirsts, and usually for blood."

    Almost four centuries have passed since the Mage Plague, and yet there is still one society where magecraft is still accepted and used. The Blades of Ket Savat are still thriving in the palace deep beneath Cahl's capital, carrying out their assassin work in the streets above.

    Rohen is one of the Goddess' Blades, and one of the best too. His skin is alive with the magic he was born with, and he uses it well. He has always been devoted to the creed of Ket Savat, but when it seems she has forsaken them, and their lives begin to crumble, he begins to question everything he once valued.
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