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Yep the one and only!

I am a ☆✧zαчηsterмαℓιк✧☆
So if you don't like him press any other button and get away from my profile!

Simmy and Lex

Yep You are my Zaynn♡

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I am searching for crazy Directioners and Beliebers, and if you are one Comment on my Blog!

You fan me And I fan back x

Okay so the most important people in my life:

Simmy aka simmy<3you: baby you changed my life for the better X thankyeww for making me happy!!

Lex aka AlexisHoran<3: Don't ever leave me alone, otherwise I'll kill you!

Redouan aka RedBull:
You better make me smile!

  • Future Mrs.Malik
    OMG just read the story. Sorry but I had forgotten to favourite is *rolls eyes* and yeah I love it.
    DO I have to right next?
    Call of Love - British Ops
    Call of Love - Bri...
    Katelin Payne is 10 months younger than her older brother Liam. When Liam invites the new kid, Harry Styles, over to play COD what will happen? Will sparks fly? Or will she be shot down? A One Direction...
    5 years ago
    Just let me read it before you publish it to double check for speling mistakes and stuff :)
    Future Mrs.Malik
    5 years ago
    Okay, I'll work on it tomozx and let you know when I'm done
    5 years ago
    Ok :)
  • Future Mrs.Malik
    Who is that ''somebody''? Wondering and freat chapter Sim brought a smile to my face.
    And ha I talked to benjii He is gonna E-mail you and hack into your acc. HAHA JK
    he is gonna talk to you don't tell Redouan about it he is gonna piss off. Because his opponent is talking to his sister
    Best Friends For Never
    Best Friends For...
    Besties Zainab, Simmy, Alexis, & Doireann go to school with the famous, One Direction! :) Cool, right? But what happens when Doireann AND Alexis fall for Niall? But Niall falls for somebody else? Will...
    5 years ago
    i am! go on google chat! im on the computer :D and I HATE THE WORD MAYBE ergh lol
    Future Mrs.Malik
    5 years ago
    I know the answer to the maybe wuestion you don't don't haha sneaky smile you ain't gonna find out.
    5 years ago
    thanks. love you too mate -_- my life is just... amazayn *sarcasm*
  • Future Mrs.Malik
    Update this as well and SMH as well and BFN as well You've got loads to do
    Long Distances....
    Long Distances....
    They say distance will only make our love stronger... but what if it doesn't? What if I fall in love... again? What if you fall in love with someone else? ... What if this distance tears us apart?
    5 years ago
    ive done BFN and bruv the teacher is checking computers i have to be careful lol
    Future Mrs.Malik
    5 years ago
    Have you Is it my tuirn again? Tell your teacher your doing something important... Talking to Moi
  • Future Mrs.Malik

    mumbled "Science"

    So my Science is Biology and guess what our Biology is about. Yep it's about
    Human Sex Cells.

    So if you are good at science and want to help me with my Gentic Disorder project...

    Comment Beloww
    $WaGMaSta FrOm DoNCaSt@
    Hey. You. Hey. Check your email. Like now. :D Hahahahaha
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