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    mumbled "" I Solved My Own Mystery""

    “911 what is your emergency?” a male voice said. “yes. Hello. I’m at P.S 4 park and I was with my friend. She had to go to the bathroom so she walked to the pizzeria. I waited 10 minutes for her to come back… but she didn't… then I started walking and Michelle wasn't anywhere to be found!” Jamie said panting.
    “ok… I will need all her information that you know.” “Michelle Smith, 13 years old, she has braces, blues eyes, and she has dirty blonde hair. She also tall for her age. What else do you need to know?” Jamie questioned. “that is perfect… we are on our way.” said then man on the other side of the line.
    Once the cops came they looked all over the place, even where she wasn’t there that day… they checked the pizzeria (where she was supposed to be), the grocery store across the street, even behind there where almost no one goes. She wasn’t found in those areas.
    “Wait!” one of the lady cops yelled. “I believe this is Michelle’s phone.” the wallpaper if of a girl with the exact description you told us. “That is her phone!” Jamie said surprised at where it was. It was on the floor outside of the pizzeria! But if her phone is here where is Michelle?
    Then we saw someone in a car driving by… he looks suspicious…so Jamie told the cops that he looks like that he is acting weird… so they asked him to pull over but he didn’t he was speeding away. And there was something in the back with a blanket or a really big towel on top squirming around. Once they surrounded him with other cop cars and couldn’t escape, they took him out of the car and took off the blanket… it was Michelle! Her mouth was duct-taped and her hands and legs tied together… but she was okay… so Jamie figured out her own mystery. She was happy that she was able to save her best friends life!
    The end
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