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Trying out a few first drafts, see what you think!

  • Fryingpan
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    Yes Atlantis, I love it! Are the first two sentences intentionally that long? Is that your way of interpreting how the ancients spoke? I like it if so. Have a look at mine as well, it's historical but not quite ancient..! Thanks
    My take on the lost city of atlantis's war against the Athenian army over land and sea and ultimately ending in the destruction of the great city of atlantis
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    Excellent! As I was reading through I thought it was told from the point of view of a doctor, about to administer a lethal dose to the old man, who had opted for euthanasia and not told his family. Then the 'arm sheathed in black' scuppered my theory! Great style though, assured and extremely captivating. Have liked it!
    Death and Life
    Death and Life
    Here is a sample of something ongoing. One of those days, it will develop into a story, but until I get there, this is all that's going to appear on this site :) Please let me know what you think!
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    Interesting as all good Holmes stories are! You mention the word 'intriguing' many times throughout your piece. I know what you mean when you go along the lines of 'I don't know why but the letter was intriguing' but I can't help wanting to know a little bit more about why Watson thinks it so. Even if he knows Holme's is the master observer, he usually does give a bash at analyzing things, even in his own self-depreciating manner... Really liked it though and will await the next bits!
    Holmes meets his Match
    Holmes meets his...
    Two men..... A Young Jesse Daniel..... Dr. Watson..... and Sherlock Holmes. He's met his match before but still managed to out do them out, but this time Sherlocks going to be sent down a whole new tunnel...
    6 years ago
    Thank you and yes I think I maybe should cut down on the intriguing's
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