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I love 5SOS because they are happy and cheerful boys that make you elated.

  • LukeIsMyBadBoy
    Omg I love the fnaf setting
    Your invited || 5 Nights At Freddys || Michael Clifford
    Your invited ||...
    "How do we kill them?" "We don't" Meet Jamie Bower, the least girly girl in the planet. She works at freddys fazbears pizzeria and has been for the last year. Michael Clifford, in one of the...
  • LukeIsMyBadBoy
    Love it omg
    Will you Stay? (A Niall Horan FanFic )
    Will you Stay? (A...
    Miss Anna Abate moved to London with her three best friends, Going to Uni and studying hard. Her only problem was Niall Horan...A person who followed her from her home town but she has never actually spoken...
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