Hey! I'm known as Red
My friends think I am very random

I luff hangin wit mi friends and being an
awesomely weird, fun person!... :-) #4everRandom WOOHOO!! :D

Mustachio said sup!

Things about me:

I like 1D, Ed Sheeran, The Script, The Fray, OneRepublic, Miley Cyrus, Emblem3, Pitbull, Bruno Mars, etc

My fave colors are purple, red, turquoise, lime/neon green, and

Aaaaaand I to pull pranks on people!

And yea so um check out my story and fan
me on here and I will take you to see Mustachio!!! BUT U CAN'T HAVE HIM! :O

*Stay Full of Awesomeness* ;)

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