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    please read my story, Take Me Home
    Adopted By Harry Styles
    Adopted By Harry...
    Samantha Johnson & Matilda Johnson Are In An Adoption Center.Their Parents Were Murdered. Samantha & Matilda Were Left At The Adoption Center.They Only Have One Friend There, Alexis Soto.Samantha & Matilda...
  • foreveronedirection5

    mumbled "Please Read My story, Take Me Home!"

    Take Me Home is one of my experiments in writing, I want to go a different direction with writin this book to get a feel for a more realistic feel. This is only an experiment, so I'm not makin any promises, lol!
  • foreveronedirection5
    Hey! Coul you please look at my movella, I'm With The Band? It's rated Y so
    If anyone's younger than 13 please read at risk! Thanks! Great story by the way!
    My True Love {Paused}
    My True Love {Paus...
    Victoria has a BoyFriend Louis Tomlinson! YUP ! From 1D but since he tried X-Factor he has been gone a while.... Will Victoria still be with him or not...
  • foreveronedirection5
    Why thank you! :)
    I'm with the Band.
    I'm with the Band.
    Miki never really cared to keep up with the latest movies, stars, or bands. But when she applys for a job as a co-photographer, she gets an unexpected surprise when One Direction is having their photoshoot...
  • foreveronedirection5
    Lol, thanks. I have to admit after I watched the movie, I made this fan-fic
    Beautiful Nightmare's ( Jack Frost story)
    Beautiful Nightmar...
    How weird is it for a 14 year old girl to actually believe that Jack Frost is real? Weird to everyone but Olivia Bennett. She lives in her own little world where Jack Frost, Santa Clause, The Easter bunny,...
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