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Well Im from Australia and in Love with One Direction. Never actually seen them (since they have never come near where i live) But hopefully will one day.
I want to become a dancer or Singer or Actress ( i have dreamed of becoming one of them every since i was litttle). Thats about it :) oh yea and my one of my best friends Harley (Harley_Loves_Horan.)would kill me if i didnt mention here i love her to bits <3 :) xxx

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    The 13 year old should hate Toni and threaten her saying to stay away from one direction
    adopted by one direction ( on hold)
    adopted by one dir...
    Toni Muluv is 7 years old and she lives in an orphanage she gets picked on cause she's small for her age and because of her name. her life is miserable, but all that changes when One Direction comes to...
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    Name: Jade-Hair colour: gold/brown-Eye colour: blue-Hobby: Dancing/singing/acting-Favourite boy: love them all but soft spot for Harry:)-I love all the one direction crew! (Girlfriends, Paul,lux,Lou,band) :)
    Just One Direction Imagines, Just comment your : Name, Hair Colour, Eye Colour, Hobby, Favourite Boy (or any one else to do with 1D like, Eleanor, Perrie, Danielle, Lux Paul, Josh,Dan,Sandy any one like...
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    Well I have ideas but u already know them plz hurry up and update xx
    Daddy Styles?!?
    Daddy Styles?!?
    What would happen if harry styles had 2 twin babies when he was 6 because of some scientists inhuman idea?And more importantly what would happen if the world found out.......
    Ok I will update today if I can k jadey xx
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    U are a really good writer this is a great book please keep going and I defently love shiall <3
    Meet Me In Battersea Park
    Meet Me In Batters...
    Let’s get this straight. My dad and I are photographers and have our own little business. Simple? Wrong. We don’t waste our time on studio pictures and birthday parties. We get paid four times the amount...
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    Thank you and I will keep writing I have chapters drafted up to chapter 20!! PS I love Shiall too!
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    This is such a good story it uses a lot of detail u r a great writing keep going and plz update :) xx
    The Direction Love Travels (Editing in process)
    The Direction Love...
    (A book based on the future 2016) Nichole Styles is on her way to her annual summer vacation spot to see her brother Harry and his Four friends. She has done this every summer since she was little. This...
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