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Hiyah!...so im like in love with this amazayn boyband who doesn't even know I exsist ! Pretty crazy right ? So anyways as you can see I am and will forever be a Directioner I love carrots,prefer forks and love boys with accents....June 23 was the best day of my life got to see me boys !!! I'm crazy,loud,and funny...im a leftie oh yea and I wanna learn how to play the guitar as you can see if you have kept reading this far (bless you) I like to blab my mouth off...or type it hmmm...so yeah I could go on but im choosing not to...so bye!

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    I would definitely read the Louis fanfic !!!!
    I'm In Love With You
    I'm In Love With...
    Samantha has had a rough life. From being abused by her parents, to living on her own at 17. When she gets a recording contract from a big agency, she beings a new lifestyle. She meets many new famous...
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