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I love one direction!

  • ~forever21~
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    i will update everyday. promise
    What I thought was right
    What I thought was...
    "I thought it was right to love a man that was more liked at school and thought that when we broke up everything would go back to what it was." Jessy thought she could survive the heart break of the most...
  • ~forever21~
    5 years agoReply
    ii like it and i think bella and louis should sing it in a school talent show together. you know truly madly deeply
    The Bully Across The Street
    The Bully Across...
    Bella's world is flipped around when she finds out her bully is in love with her.
    5 years ago
    That is a really good idea! I might just make that a chapter today!!
  • ~forever21~
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    louis please ur hand writing is nice to
    One direction sexual frustration (13+)
    One direction sexu...
    These are one shots of the boys. All of them :) Please request for your own chapter in the comments in your comment you must say which boy (or all of them) your name and wat you want to happen in the...
    Harry's beanie
    5 years ago
    Awe thanks I would love to make you a chapter can I pleas have your name
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