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Being Single doesn't mean your weak, it means you are strong enough to wait for who you deserve ~Niall Horan

If you wanna go and do something go and do it, nothing is stopping you ~Louis Tomlinson

Life is a funny thing, the minute you think you've got everything figured out, something comes along and turns it all upside down ~Zayn Malik

Swallow your dears, wipe off your tears, let go of your darkest years. Chin up, smile, walk away. ~Harry Styles

Dreams are like stars, you may never touch them, but if you follow them, they will lead you to your destiny ~Liam Payne.

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    Adopted By, Simon Cowell. *COMPLETED*
    Adopted By, Simon...
    Hi, I'm Kristine Jackson. My best friend is Carlee! We've been very close friends since I got to the orphanage. I'm guessing your wondering why we live in a orphanage, right? Carlee arrived at the orphanage...
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