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Heey everyone!:) If you look here, i hope it's because you have seen one of my stories and thought: hey, lets see who has wrote this! I love to write, so hopefully, there's going to come more;) please, let me know, if you like what i do, so i know if it's right;) thankz!;)

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    Wattpad reads?

    hey, i have a user on wattpad, LostAndLonelyCupcake, and i would really love and appreciate if you would check out my story, Never Coming Out, it would mean the world to me to get some feedback!<3
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    Views on wattpad??

    hey, i have a profile on wattpad, LostAndLonelyCupcake, and i would really love if you would check my stories out?? it would mean so much to hear some peoples opinions?<3
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    this is a great story!:D it's creepy, but in a good way;) i really like your writing style, it's unique!:)
    i really hope you keep writing;)
    I would like to ask you a favor? if it isn't to much??
    i have a user on Wattpad.com, and i have just begun on two new fanfictions, and i would really love, if you would try and look at them?? My username is LostAndLonelyCupcake

    Hope to hear from you:)
    This is a short horror story I wrote for an Engish exercise in school. Sixteen-year-old Lois is walking home from her job in the village's cafe on a rainy night, when sinister events unfold and fall into...
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    thank you so much, it means a lot!:) yes I will definitely have a look at them at some point- probably tomorrow:) thanks again:)
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    Lidt hjælp til min nye historie??

    Jeg er i gang med en historie, og jeg kunne rigtig godt tænke mig en, som jeg kunne få hjælp af. bl.a til at se efter stavefejl, eller komme med ideér til at gøre historien bedre:)
    Ville være rigtig taknemmelig!:)

    hilsen Kristine

    btw- historien hedder Nightborn
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    Omg, this is amazing!:D at first, i only read it so i could give you some critic, but now i actually can't wait for the next chapter!:D i love it:) right now, i actually can't come up with any critic...;) Just keep writing:D
    When Corey's sister commits suicide, his family is distraught. Ten years on, and the hole she left still hasn't healed over. The unanswered question remains: why did she decide to die? Soon her secret...
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    Thank you so much! It means alot to me to get positive feedback, as I've worked really hard on it :) The next chapter should be up tomorrow :)
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