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    Hey! Love love love this fanfic so far!!! Your doing a great job! If spots are still open in the comp I'd love to enter, my name is Leah and I have brown eyes and bright red curly hair. I'm a little shy but loud and silly when you get to know me :)
    Dont Let me go - Harry
    Dont Let me go -...
    Jasmine is just a normal girl, she has finished school and is working. she never would of thought her job would give her the opportunities it is. She is falling head over heals in love with everything,...
    4 years ago
    I'm sure I can find a spot :), would love to add you in and Thankyou for the support in this fanfic <3
  • Flukie17
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    Ahhhhhhhh!!! Update please!!!!
    Teenage Criminals
    Teenage Criminals
    'If I told you would you take it the wrong way?' His hot breath hit the side of my face making me flush. 'I will take it anyway you want.' I whisper slowly into his ears. Closing my eyes. I fell...
    4 years ago
    Trust me I am. The next few chapters are really emotional so be prepared,...
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    Omg yes I need a sequel!!!!! Please please PLEASE write a sequel!!!!
    Accidental Fate
    Accidental Fate
    Alice's life was nothing close to perfect. During her early teen years her heart had ben broken by none other than Harry Styles. Once her best friend/crush auditioned for the X-factor neither of their...
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    Leah and Niall. I'm 17 and have brown hair and brown eyes
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    Comment your name and one of the boys. They'll be quite short (pre-warning)
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    Write more please!
    The Roller Coaster That Is Life
    The Roller Coaster...
    When I heard his soft, Irish accent say my name, I about lost it. For a split second, the chaos around me faded. Here I was, staring into those gorgeous blue eyes, frozen. Finially, as reality snapped...
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