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I'm just another socially deprived person who likes to live many other lives through books.
I'm just turned 17.

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    Hey guys!! If you want to read more, then can you please like and comment!! I have a few more chapters ready but I really don't want to be writing if no one is reading this! xxx
    Locke is a boy mentally disturbed by something even he doesn't know. As he tries to fit into a new school, and figure himself out, he slowly falls deeper into a dark place that he's finding it harder and...
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    Holy mother of god this is hella creepy but it's amazingly written!! I want to kill her parents so bad! The way you've conveyed emotion...its phenomenal! If this isn't the end of the book, could you update? Thanks!!
    If You Tell Anyone I'll Kill You
    If You Tell Anyone...
    Unnamed and worthless, Girl is forced to stay hidden from the outside world while her cruel parents inflict pain and terror upon her. Will this change or will Girl live a life of fright and misery forever?...
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    I completely agree with everything. I HATE when people seem like they've never attended an english class in their lives, or when characters are perfect. But there is the other extreme, when characters have too many flaws its obviously not realistic. Anyway, great rant!!
    A general rant on how to write stories
    A general rant on...
    I realise quite a few people have done these, but here's mine. Just general ways to improve your stories (in my opinion). Or I might just complain about how people write things in general.
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    Omg i totally agree with the site being overrun with one direction stories. I was searching for a romance, all 1D. I searched under horror, 1D. You can search whatever genre, and it will come up with 1D. I think if you're going to write about 1D, it HAS to stay in the fanfiction genre, not every other genre aswell.
    Fifty Shades of Movellas?
    Fifty Shades of...
    Warning: sex references. There's erotica all over this site. Sound okay? Not if it's written by kids. How dirty should your stories be? Why is it mostly One Direction fan fictions that are so explict?...
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