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    mumbled "Writing A Future Movie"

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    I'm writing a story. It's about 7 pages so far (using size 12 font without double spaces) and I showed it to my friends and my current English teacher.
    I hope that many people will enjoy reading the story. (: If it's really good, I do plan to make it into a movie.

    Here's what the story is about so far: A girl in high school works at an Asian Restaurant. She meets this boy she has never seen before. They meet because he asked her for fortune cookies. Later that day, she saw him at school. He was looking for someone, she doesn't know who and she says she doesn't care but later while walking home, she hears him calling out her name. She questions about that and curious about him. He tells her that he wants to be her friend right a way and says that he has something important to tell her. But she doesn't want to hear it because she said she has to go to work. They decide to talk later at work. Once he shows up, he was late, and suddenly, she feels pain on one side, like someone has driven a knife through her. He was the only one that was close to her. She thinks it's his fault and wonders if he can be trusted.
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