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I'm a multi-fandom person.
Deal with it.
I'm 12.
My name is Serenity.
That's it i guess.
I'm bored a lot too.
If ya ever wanna talk ill probably answer seeing as im doing nothing.
Last but not least my favorite quote about reading.
"I am a reader, not because i don't have a life, But because i chose to have many." -Unknown
Bye then.

  • Just a Random fangirl
    I like this poem. Yes it is sad but it has feeling and its very well written. You really know how to incorporate your feelings into a poem.
    Two Angels and a Girl
    Two Angels and a...
    A poem about two angels
  • Just a Random fangirl
    I have always loved reading poetry but i never knew how to write it. Now i am jealous because your the very definition of a true artist of poetry. Your words and verses carry emotions, each letter each word creates a story. I applaud you for writing this. It was very well written. Inspiring and just elaborately perfect (that didn't really make since lol) is words that come to my mind when i read this. I just really love this.
    Save the moment
    Save the moment
    A poem inspired by inspiration - for the Poetry Project competition
  • Just a Random fangirl
    So much emotion. I would ask what inspired you to write this but i don't want to intrude. :)
    Death Can Dance
    Death Can Dance
    When you're dancing with him, how can you stop? For when your feet stop, so do you. . . . . http://www.deviantart.com/art/Dancing-with-Death-209348026 This is the original image, 100% am not claiming...
    Erica Bluewater
    1 years ago
    Nothing really, I just get really deep into thinking about Death. I fear it to be honest, I guess that's what inspired it :)
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