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  • Firebolt
    3 years agoReply
    This is my favourite book yet, it's so addictive and I can't wait to read more, thank you for writing this!
    Légitimement Mariés [Harry Potter]
    Légitimement Marié...
    COMPLETED: Harry Potter Marriage Law. Fremione. Post Hogwarts. Fred may have survived the Battle of Hogwarts, but now he has a new challange - being married to Hermione!
    3 years ago
    You're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
  • Firebolt
    4 years agoReply
    Please update I love your books and I want to read more!!!!
    Broken Lovers (Sequel to Forbidden Lovers)
    Broken Lovers (Seq...
    It's time for Rose's second year at Hogwarts. But it isn't going to be easy when people discover a power that Rose has...It needs to be controlled. It doesn't help that her romance with a certain boy...
    4 years ago
    Well im sorry but my laptops died (the battery) and it wont charge up so it wont be up tonight :'( im really sorry but thanks for all your comments they make me smile :)
    Darn it :(
    4 years ago
    Im sorry :'( Its making me frustrated yhat I cant write! Im on my tablet at thd moment
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