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Heyyy My name is Finn!
Welcome to my Page! I ship
·Larry Stylinson
·Niam Horanye
·Zouis Malikson
Yep I ship alot of stuff but hey thats what we Directioners do yeah? (^_^)

In One Direction's music I have favorite sections that I scream:
♬If I'm louder, would you see me? Would you lay down in my Arms and Rescue me? Cause we are the same. You save me, when you leave Its gone again ♬

♬He drives to school every morning, while I walk alone in the rain ♬

My favorite songs in General;

♬Com'on Finny lets go party,
Imma barbie girl in One Direction Worrlllddd, Louis is my Top Hair Stylist, Zayn can comb my hair as Harry feeds anywhere and in the distance you can hear Liam going crazy,
Com'on Finny lets go Party,
Imma wacky Boy, In This crazy worrlldd where Niall Horan his my Twinie, Zaynie can paint me as Louis screams loudly and finally Harry is a Bunny,
That goes Hop Hop Hop ♬

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