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  • Filipa Potter
    update please
    Its Cold Outside, And You Need A Jacket
    Its Cold Outside,...
    Hannah Snowdon was a beautiful, and talented tattoo artist. After bumping into lead singer, Oliver Sykes, in a coffee house, what will happen?
  • Filipa Potter
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    omg please update, please
    A Girl Named Riddle
    A Girl Named Riddl...
    Tara Scarlet Riddle believes she lives the same life as any other ordinary witch, little does she know her whole world has been built on lies. Tara doesn't know that her father, Tom Riddle, the man who...
  • Filipa Potter
    oh dear god, please write more, I absolutely loved it
    Sempiternal: The One [unfinished]
    Sempiternal: The...
    We follow Hayley, who is one of "The Hopeless" people. She lives in a world where love is forbidden and where you get killed if you express any good feeling, you are only there to serve the government....
    Emilie Rahr
    4 years ago
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    Thank you lovely! I'm working on it! I'll upload some more tonight! Stay tuned!
    Filipa Potter
    4 years ago
    ok so, it's absolutely perfect, I loved what you added and I absolutely love the fact that you're using BMTH's new album as a reference for the chapters names :D
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