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Hi. Dunno what to say...

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    5 likes for the first chapter
    Weep not, my lady
    Weep not, my lady
    Allie Lange is an actress who lives in the shadow of her older sister Lucy. And then Lucy gets murdered Accused of her murder is international celebrity Liam Payne, Lucy's handsome fiancé. The chief...
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    If you like this book and want me to continue please tell me i would like so coments
    Never Again
    Never Again
    the story is about a girl who is 19 and she is being followed and tracked down by her step mum and dad she is really scared and meet louis who gets really hurt by what she does and what happened to her...
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    Update please i love your books please read my first ever and only book and its called never again please read it just click on my photo thanks
    Murderer - One Direction fanfic
    Murderer - One Dir...
    After Leigh Styles finally served her three years in prison after killing a man and getting raped, she is finally out in the public again. But a lot of things happened in three years. Her lovely cheeky...
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    Please update
    Struggle (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)
    Struggle (A Louis...
    Louis Tomlinson is in high school, and he gets a girl pregnant while she's trying to get over a break up.. Includes swears in multiple chapters, and self harm in chapter 5. I can rewrite it without...
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    I will soon c:
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    This is a great story please update
    Sex, Drugs and Alcohol.
    Sex, Drugs and Alc...
    Harriet Carrington. That 17 year old girl who take all different drugs, and constantly gets sexually abused by her 20 year old step brother. She sleeps with whoever she wants and dosen't really care. This...
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